Blatchford Prosthetics is a major player in the amputee community.  Formerly known as Endolite, it has a 130 year history of serving those with limb loss through their development of products that improve the mobility, function, cosmesis and comfort with prosthetic devices.

I am honored and grateful to have their support as I continue my mission to educate, inform, and empower the limb loss community through the Cosi Talks show.

Featured Products

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Upcoming Schedule

Hydraulic Feet

The EchelonAvalon, Special Guest: Jordan Adkins, CP

Hydraulic Feet

Continues with the Echelon/Avalon, Special Guests: Jordan Adkins, CP and Wafa Haddad Lavelle


It’s not just about sweat with the Silcare Breathe Liner! Special Guest Alan Kercher, CP

The Silcare Liner

Ask our Special Guest your questions!

The LiNX

The world’s only fully integrated limb system: The Linx. Ask our Special Guest Prosthetist your questions!

The LiNX

Meet the person whose life was changed by the Linx Integrated System!