For the past 17 years that I have been a practicing physical therapist, I have not had many options to offer my patients for their daily skin care health routine.  Listen to the video below to hear why I am so happy to partner with Vital Fit, a dermatologist designed skin care line that is specifically intended for individuals with diabetes and for those who use a prosthesis. These products contain a unique blend of ingredients that are meant to reduce the potential for inflammation, bacteria, odor and friction within the socket. And, they come at a great price!


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Skin Health

Special Guest: Greg Mannino, prosthetist, AKA, 22x Paralympian

Common Skin Problems Seen With Prosthetic Use

Special Guests: Heather Flexor, DPT, WCS and Christine Erbacher from Vital Fit

Skin Health

Special Guest: Greg Mannino, CP 22x Paralympian

Let’s Talk Phantom Pain!

Special Guest:
Greg Mannino, CP