How To's

Learn how to do a high level balanced exercises call crossovers (or braiding). Traditionally used in football, tennis, golf and track & field. What I like about this exercise is I can use it on my beginner patients who are starting to establish their balance, my intermediate patients who are putting the polish on their walking pattern, and advanced patients that are athletes or high level activity based.

A big question that I get from viewers on the Cosi Talks show is what are the most important muscle groups for muscle strengthening? It’s all about the butt! The glute muscles are so important to condition for strength! This applies to all levels from beginner to advanced! This exercise helps address muscle strengthening!

Featured Episodes!

I brought a familiar face to the show and SHE brought a new friend! Meet Sue Borondy from Blatchford and Robin Burton from OPAF! If you are wondering why Blatchford sounds new, it’s because it used to be known as Endolite, so, get the scoop behind the change. Also, learn how Blatchford is giving back to the limb loss community with OPAF and the First Clinics.

Having Julie Conley on the show reminded me as to why I do this! Not only did she share her inspiring story of her journey through limb loss, she made some serious jaw dropping, mic THROWING moments when she told us how she got her insurance to PAY for her hydraulic microprocessor ankle, the Elan!

Check out her organization meant to help amputees get their prosthetic devices paid for by insurance! Go to:

We also had Luis Mora, CP back in the Cosi Talks hot seat answering your questions about, well, everything!

This year has been all about improving the show with I learned in 2019. Part of that includes starting Spotlight Interviews on people who make a difference in the amputee/limb loss community. I was honored to have John Hattingh, CPO, LPO of Hattingh Inc Prosthetics of Virginia join me. Do you know how I met John? I’ll give you a hint! It involves the first time I did this show 2 years ago! With over 40 years experience in the field, John is a wealth of knowledge and experience. He isn’t afraid to tell it like it is (my kinda prosthetist!).

If you want to learn more about his clinic go to: or you can check out the amazing Facebook support he and his wife run called the Amputee Help and Support Line!

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