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Out on a Limb

6 years after starting my live talk show, I am finally launching my Cosi Talks podcast and my new blog! Here you will find all kinds of information to support your journey. 

Cracking the Insurance Code

It took me 17 years to open my private practice for amputees. Why did it take me so long? It wasn’t because I was nervous about my skills as a PT… Or because I was afraid of failure (I’m actually quite comfortable with the notion of failing at something, but that’s another blog!) It was because I couldn’t wrap my

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How to Choose a Prosthetic Foot

Good News! After reading my “Everything You Need To Know About Prosthetic Feet” blog, you are now an expert on the different types of prosthetic feet on the market. Bad News! You’re still not really quite sure how to approach choosing the right foot. Superman Superhero GIFfrom Superman GIFs Keep scrolling kind reader… …and continue to learn the ways of

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Everything You Need to Know about Prosthetic Feet

Good News! Man and Woman have learned to build prosthetic feet to allow amputees to walk again.  Score one for the hoomans… Bad News! The options seem endless and it is a challenge to wrap your head around where to start. When it comes to learning about the different prosthetic feet available, there are literally hundreds of possibilities! So how

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