Headquartered in Warren, MI, College Park Industries creates custom-built prosthetic solutions for people of all activity levels. Their story began in 1988 upon completing the prototype for the anatomically correct Trustep foot. They’ve grown to offer a full line of customizable foot systems as well as many other upper and lower limb options—all made in America with care.

Featured Products


These adjustable stubbie feet were designed to offer increased balance and flexibility. Gait-matched and salt water friendly, they may help provide natural-feeling ankle motion on a durable platform.

Capital Knee

The lightweight Capital knee offers smooth hydraulics, simple adjustments, and easy mode selection to keep you on the go.

Odyssey K2

The Odyssey K2 foot is custom-built to provide smooth hydraulic control in a lightweight, low-profile design!

It doesn’t stop with innovative technology. College Park gives back. Explore helpful resources, inspiring stories, and what it means to be REBUILT

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