Bodies Change. Now You Can Adjust.

Click Medical wants to relieve pain, increase mobility, and create independence for every user.

Mom’s, dad’s, athletes, business owners, daily adventurers—you have lives to lead and people who depend on you. You can’t put your life on hold because your prosthetic socket or orthotic brace doesn’t fit. Click Medical makes adjustable kits that are either added on or fabricated into your device. This allows you to dial in the fit you need when you need it without slowing down.

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Tired of changing sock ply to achieve a good fit? 

Is your socket uncomfortable or are you simply looking for an easier way to donn and doff? Take the quiz to see if its a right fit for you!

Need a quick solution for a poor fitting device?

 Take the quiz  to see if RevoSurface could extend the life of your current device.

(Available mid 2022)



Would you like to achieve proper suspension, anywhere, anytime?

Do you struggle with pin-lock and are frustrated by your current suspension? Take the quiz to see if its the right fit for you!

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Introduction to Adjustable Sockets

Special Guest: Joe Mahon, CP Founder of Click Medical/Creator of RevoFit

Click Medical

Special Guest:
Eric Neufeld, CP from Agile and his patient Cameron Kennedy

All About Suspension Systems

Featuring: RevoLock and RevoSurface